Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Homemade smoothies

I went a bit mad with buying fruit in the last few weeks, and there's only so much two human beings can eat!It's just been sitting there for the last few days as I haven't been able to face any more and then I remembered that I invested in a hand held blender. Welcome homemade smoothies.

My first one looked a little like sick I have to admit. I did take a photo but seemed to have deleted it in disgust!

My second attempt looks more pleasing to the eye

To make it I simply added a handful of black seedless grapes, 2 nectarines and 4 kiwis and then blended. I'm sitting drinking it as I type this and it's lovely!!

I've just got back from work, so no pancakes for me, but I hope you've all enjoyed yours if you've had them.

Take care,

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